Talented Sport Program

Westfields Sports, Australia's first Sports High School, is located in Fairfield West. Outstanding sports persons are offered the opportunity to complete their primary and secondary education in a strongly supportive environment. The school has a strong academic and sporting tradition, a reputation for innovation and a staff committed to encouraging personal excellence. The philosophy of the school is to allow talented sports students to pursue their sporting dreams in partnership with their education.

Director of Sport

Mrs Joanne Kenny

Sport Contacts

 Sport  Contact  Location  Extension
 AFL  Mr Matthew Bennett  Social Sciences  239
 Athletics  Mr Dan Suchy  Industrial Arts  228
 Baseball  Mr Cameron King  PDHPE  233
 Basketball  Mr Bernie Slattery  Stadium  253
 Cricket  Mr Dan Rixon  PDHPE  233
 Cross Country  Mr Brett Mathison  Learning Support  231
 Dance  Ms Michelle Holden  CAPA  225
 Football  Mr Kory Babington  Stadium  253
 Golf  Mr Ashok Kumar  Mathematics  232
 Gymnastics  Ms Belinda Aylett  Mathematics  232
 Hockey  Mr George Manou  Industrial Arts  228
 Netball  Mrs Tate Jones  Stadium  253
 Rugby  Mr Wil Brame  PDHPE  233
 Rugby League  Mr Greg Boulous  PDHPE  233
 Softball  Ms Mary Bugueno  Social Sciences  239
 Sports Psychology  Mr Robert Brown  Stadium  254
 Strength & Conditioning  Mr Tony Wignell  Weights Room  249
 Swimming  Ms Katie Burt  PDHPE  233
 Tennis  Mrs Jodi Johnson  Mathematics  232


Support Contacts


 Role  Contact  Position  Extension
 Finance  Mrs Leeanne Thomas  SAM  210
 Orders & Payments  Mrs Virginia Harrison  SASS  210
 Fees & Payment Plans  Mrs Tracey Giorguitti  SASS  214
 School Uniform  Mrs Janet Stickler  SASS  203
 Transport  Mrs Margaret Edwards  SASS  202